The F-Tech Fibre laser marking machine has perfect marking performance and compact structure design and power suitable for your different  marking request,high quality laser generator stable laser output to keep high accuracy and speed marking.The fibre marking system ensures superior marking performances,which is especially for small parts marking such as Giftware and promotional items


-Convenient and flexible,Eco-friendly

-Long working life

-Advanced laser generator,stable laser output

-High speed galvo scanner

-Suitable for marking small and accuracy characters

-low power consumption

-Customization is available

-Air cooling system,free maintenance

-Compact structure ,Easy to install and operate

Applicable materials

-Various metal material such as stainless steel ,titanium,brass,aluminum etc.

-Some of Plastic materials such as PP,PE,PVC,ABS,etc

-coating metal

-Some Electroplating materials


Laser Source- Fibre Laser

Laser Class- IV

Machine Weight- 96kg

Machine Dimensions 80x60x142cm

Engraving Area- 100mm x100mm or 175mm x 175mm or 300mm x 300mm

Marking Speed- 9000mm/s

Frequency Of Pulse- 20KHZ~200KHZ

Repeated Accuracy +-0.001mm

Marking Depth- 0.2mm

Minimum Line Width- 0.01mm

Minimum Line Characters- 0.2mm

Power Supply- 220v 50-60 HZ

Cooling Type- Air Cooled

Operating Temperature- 0 – 40 Deg C

Laser Life- 50,000 to 100,000 Hours

Operating System- Windows 7 to Windows 10


Engraveable Materials- Most Metal Materials IE Stainless Steel Brass Aluminium, Most Coated Metals

Plastic Materials IE PP,PE,PVC,ABS

Also Epoxy Resin , Electroplated Materials